I just finished a great little book given to me by my Aikido instructor titled The Monk and the Riddle published by Harvard Business School Press. In the book, the author Randy Komisar, talks about his indoctrination into the business world and how he was misled to believe that the bottom line ( the dollars and cents ) was the most important thing. His view didn’t change until years later after working in the law, technology, and Silicon Valley start up sectors.

He later realized the most important thing is our passion and sense of purpose. He also talks about how passion pulls you toward something we can’t resist. It really made me think deeply about the things that resonate with me on a personal level. It also made me reflect on how we can consciously choose to work with businesses and organizations that value building a better world. Everyone has a different vision for what that is. For me it’s social entrepreneurship, social change, and solutions for the benefit of all.

When our work aligns with who we are as people, amazing things start to happen. We begin to show up as fully realized human beings. We quit playing it safe. We push really hard to make good things happen. Not in some vanity race to gain a high score. But because the mere act of doing so is life affirming.