Nurture brand expression.

Health and wellness branding goes beyond selecting a company name, logo, or website. A well-defined, well-positioned, brand influences people's perceptions so when they think of your brand, they also think of quality, trust and reliability.

Bridging the gap between graphic design and brand strategy, we'll be your co-partners helping you to forge a strong brand identity with clear and actionable creative that courageously engages, inspires and connects.



Who benefits from strong health and wellness brand positioning?
Everyone benefits from having a halo placed over their brand, product or program, but organizations and businesses seeking to grow and influence perception benefit the most.

What is branding design and why is it important?
Branding design is an effort to shape the total sensory experience of your brand including the look, the feel and the copy into a bold and integrated impression.

When's the best time for health and wellness branding design?
It's perfect for launching a business, campaign, special event or program. It's also helpful when there’s a major shift in organizational focus or you are expanding your reach.


What’s the difference between branding and advertising?
Advertising is concerned with metrics and sales via digital channels, posters, television and radio spots. Commercial ads have the primary objective of increasing sales.

Branding is a lot more like Traditional Chinese medicine. It looks at a brand, as if it were a human body and aims to create a healthy, integrated whole graced with unified touchpoints.

These cohesive touchpoints help carve out a clear and accessibile personality. People are attracted to dynamic personalities. And having a relatable brand with a distinct personality sets you apart.


What’s involved in a health and wellness branding/rebranding process?
We facilitate strategy sessions that draw out connections between the benefits (your product/service/offering) and the aspirational values they can be tied to. By focusing on universal values, we're able to connect to a bigger sphere of influence.

Can my marketing team be involved?
Absolutely. We’d prefer it. We customarily work with marketing directors or communication managers. We want to make sure we meet your quality and compliance standards.

How do I care for my marketing assets after the branding?
We’ll provide you with a brand deck that will provide usage guidelines for colors, fonts, images, typographic considerations and layouts.

Can we have access to native files in order to make future changes?
Yes. We can prepare and export native (original) design files for you.

What if we experience pain points after branding?
We’ll check in with you to make sure everything’s working the way it’s supposed to. If something's not working, we’ll gladly address any issues or concerns.

How big are your project teams?
Our project teams typically consist of a art director and a copywriter. They may also include a photographer, designer and web developer.

How much does a branding project cost?
Our rates are comparable to other creative consultancies. We charge per project. Every project is different. We also have a sliding scale for nonprofits.

Hello. I'm Sanders Anderson.

I’m the principle Designer and Art Director for Be True. I wear a lot of hats. On any given day I might also be a strategy driven brand builder, ambassador of health and wellness brands, or the presenter of sound strategy. Everything I do is better because of the contributions from smart and capable team members that get it.

If you need to get bold ideas across like reducing barriers, integrating possibilities, improving access to services or raising people's health and happiness levels, I'd love to be a part of it.

What's in a name?
Before starting Be True Design, I successfully completed a graduate degree in communications design at Pratt Institute. Pratt has a top visual communications degree program. It’s also one of the largest schools for art, design and architecture. Inscribed on the seal of Pratt Institute is the motto: Be True To Your Work And Your Work Will Be True To You.

All-Star Team.

Barbara Fanning Brandvoice & Copy
Barbara has a diverse background in marketing, community management, event planning, sustainability and instructional design. Barbara has worked for search engines, ad agencies, in radio and television and even a hang gliding school. She has developed and managed all aspects of communication programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, and industries.

Gabe Diaz Art Director
Gabe Diaz is an award winning art director delivering strong, effective advertising and design. He believes good marketing messaging should be clean, pure and simple. And that’s exactly how he approaches every communications challenge. Gabe brings conceptual chops to the game and pairs it with a clean but punchy design aesthetic.

Jeff Freeman Photography & Video
Jeff is not only a talented photographer but adept at bringing all the disparate pieces of a shoot together seamlessly. Moreover, he isn't shy about articulating how you can capture your desired results. His business acumen allows him to think about project challenges in a depth that adds value and perspective to every project.


Health and Wellness Client Experience

 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
 Kaiser Center for Health Research
 Northwest Health Foundation
 Grantmakers for Education
• Center for Intercultural Wellness
• Coalition for a Sustainable Future
• Bicycle Transportation Alliance
 MedConnect Pro
 Matripa College
 Imagine Health
 Bumble Bee Botanicals
 Stockus Organics
 Birankai International
 Durango Public Library
 Peace Valley School
 Cynergy E-Bikes
 UpRight Footwear
 Viscount Dance Studio


Health and Wellness Focus

Why health and wellness?
It speaks to us. Better health outcomes benefit everybody; individuals, families and communities. We're also expanding a client base we've already had success with. And because we're tuned in, we can provide sharper focus. 

How is Be True Design poised to be a thought-leader in health and wellness?
We bring a strategical and tactical awareness relating aspirational values to brand expressions. 

What sets Be True Design apart?
We live and breathe the health and wellness lifestyle so it's a focus we can easily rally behind.

The 5 guiding principles that drive our work:

• Be true to your work, and your work will be true to you.

• Approach everything from a calm state of Shoshin (beginner's mind).

• Be professional, optimistic, inspirational, selective, and exceptional.

• Support efforts that improve community health outcomes.

• Respect all life and allow space to honor differences.

Sanders is an absolute pleasure to work with – he brings together professionalism, problem solving, design and a deep understanding of people to create remarkable solutions. We worked with him building the branding and messaging for Peace Valley School and couldn’t have hoped for a better team or results. I highly recommend Sanders and Be True Design and would happily work with him in the future.

John Hunt
Peace Valley School, Board of Directors


Besides being great to work with, Sanders is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the risks and benefits of different approaches. He has successfully developed a complete identity program for our organization, Center for Intercultural Wellness, allowing us to have a sharp and focused public image.

The increase in additional future resources, will be in part, a result of the branding efforts implemented by Sanders. He has reinforced the legitimacy of our organization and influenced the perception of our brand. In addition to helping us write an effective tagline, Sanders inspired and motivated our board members. So much so, we asked him to be on the board.

Dr. Baher Butti
Center for Intercultural Wellness


Sanders helped us pull together a national publication for conference dissemination in record time. He was professional, thoughtful and responsive throughout. He worked under some strict timelines, style guidelines and plenty of other constraints--yet he produced a product that we're happy to show off!

Jesse Beason
Northwest Health Foundation


A definite hard worker to get it just right. He met with other industry experts to bring me the best possible options for UpRight Footwear Inc. We loved the logo and the meaning behind it. It captured our vision and we will use Sanders again in the future…

Dr. Huma Pierce
UpRight Footwear

Sanders is a talented visual strategist and designer with a unique ability to create brands from the ground up and then support those identities with an array of communications deliverables. His work ethic, focus, and “be true” integrity are informed by a disciplined practice of martial arts; his positive, authentic, and collaborative approach is an inspiration. I would highly recommend Sanders to any organization that needs to build their brand, tell their unique story, and promote their product or service.

Sara Mears

We hired Sanders to put together a new ad campaign covering both billboards and print media. Along with bringing in some creativity and graphics expertise, he brought a methodology to make sure our message was concise, with the most critical elements properly prioritized. We've found Sanders to be great at planning projects, listening and responding to our requests for changes, solving problems and delivering under tight deadlines.

Rich Fein
Cynergy E-Bikes


Sanders developed a brand identity mark for my business, Space To Move. As I conveyed to him the vision and multiple programs of my business, he listened attentively and absorbed everything. He asked insightful questions and shared pertinent experiences. By the end of the meeting I knew that whatever design he came up with, it would be whistle clean, simple and compelling.

Suzanne Van Amburgh
Space to Move


Prior to working with Sanders, I worked with 4 other designers searching for the right presentation of my name. He placed a great deal of insight into my project, examining color theory, modern trends and font creation to come up with a presentation that really fits. Best of all he was very forthcoming and timely with his work, sharing ideas and valuing my input into the creative process. I highly recommend Sanders for any branding and design work.

Michael DeYoung
Michael DeYoung Photography


Sanders Anderson worked with us at the Moderns over a decade ago, and even then it was clear that his talent, creativity, and strategic thinking skills were a huge asset in the field of branding and marketing. Throughout his tenure with The Moderns, he continually cultivated his art direction and graphic design skills. He excelled at developing corporate identities and logo designs, and applied our unique creative direction methodologies with agility and in-depth understanding.

Janine James
The Moderns

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An Interview with Sanders Anderson

How does Be True’s previous experience make a compelling case for hiring you?
Every member of the Be True design team has at least 15+ years marketing experience and all are accomplished in their respective fields. That’s a combined communications and marketing experience of 45+ years we can leverage for folks in health and wellness. We're also able to harness lessons learned in other industries like corporate programming, public advocacy, education, and the nonprofit sector to help health and wellness clients be on brand, on target and on message. All this typically results in increased recognition, clarity and conversions.

What do you bring that’s innovative and exciting, as a thought-leader in health and wellness?
We bring a strategic and tactical awareness to health and wellness brand expressions. Part of our success is using lessons learned from cultural anthropology’s school of Structuralism that posits nothing exists independently and everything has to be looked at in relation to everything else. That means taking a wholistic approach to how we brand and communicate.

What can you substantively say about Be True Design that sets you apart?
Be True has consistently delivered effective integrated brand campaigns for organizations both large and small. We are nimble enough to make sharp turns when required and experienced enough to look at the marketing horizon. Our work has helped organizations and mission-minded health and wellness businesses focus positioning, build brand awareness, make smart impressions and highlight important community issues.

What can you do for your clients better than other agencies, and why? 
Our specialty is health and wellness brand identity design. And we’re really good at it. That means everything we touch or engage with, whether it's across a digital platform or evolving as a print campaign, is done through the lens of brand expression. We’re better at making sure the solution fits the strategy and simplifying things down to the simplest form. People mock simplicity but breaking the visual communication pieces down to a refined level in order to make stronger indelible impressions is a matter of skill, not luck.

What additional relevant information supports your case for specializing in health and wellness?
We have dedicated ourselves to helping build healthy, confident and brave brands and it shows. We've been able to consistently provide sharper focus, legitimacy, stronger positioning and anchored brand stories for organizations and businesses in the health and wellness space. The Be True work has helped brand programs for medical adherence researchers, health policy foundations, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage therapists, nonprofits in the public advocacy and sustainability circles, and even an international aikido organization. 

Describe your design career trajectory?
I completed my under-grad studies in illustration at Cal State University Long Beach. While at CSULB, I also obtained the necessary faculty signatures and department approval for a specialized study abroad program to The Instituto Allende; a prestigious visual arts school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexíco. Returning from my international studies abroad, I took my first visual communications class with designer, author and educator Archie Boston. 

At Pratt Institute in New York, I attached myself to the philosophy that designers are more than creatives. I was exposed to the idea that designers are cultural innovators using analysis and creativity to raise awareness, influence ideas, and engage the world. I learned to develop my creative voice and sharpened a mindset focused on identifying and solving problems. I graduated with a Masters of Science in Communications Design.

I was subsequently hired by a creative think tank called The Moderns. I worked along side architects, interior designers, and brand strategists. At The Moderns I embraced all things related to modular design and wholistic solutions based thinking. I also got to work on the Sundance Film Festival account.

Later I became the resident art director and designer for Gregory Mountain Products; an international backpack company. Working for Gregory I conceptualized national advertising campaigns, put a creative spin on retail design strategies, built a personality around the brand and attached a face, attitude and tone of voice to fit, quality, and durability. 

What are some interesting things people should know about you?

  • I designed the event program for the Portland Dalai Lama Environmental Summit.
  • Raised in LA, residing in Portland, I have also worked in New York, San Diego, and Tampa.
  • I studied in Mexíco and my travels include Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Panama, Costa Rica & The Philippines.
  • I danced with X-world salsa champion, Alien Rodriguez, when she visited Portland.
  • What’s on music rotation right now: Babe Ruth and Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers
  • Recent inspiration: Constructing Identity: Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African-American Art